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I'm working on a name for a comic and I need your help! The comic will feature: bondage, the internet, psychology... and me and you! So here are the options: 

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Thanks for the links everyone.

What I have gotten from this is this:
I understand.   GG is about journalistic ethics.

The problem with that is that what that MEANS seems to be shifting all over the place.   Here is what I can support:

Major video game companies shouldn't be able to "Buy" good reviews to mislead the public.


I'm tired of people saying "This is not a gender issue."
This is obviously a gender issue.   It started around a personal attack against a female dev based on slanderous accusations slung by her recent X, saying, essentially, the only way she could succeed is by sleeping around for good reviews.   That's a really sexist stereotype, but somehow became the rallying cry of the movement.   Even in the Huff Post interview the women talk about how "Game Reviews shouldn't bring sexism and feminism into the discussion", as if even talking about social context somehow detracts from the review.   On the reddit board Pro-GG and anti-SJW is used interchangeably.  Also on the reddit board the only time feminism is mentioned is when it's being called "Radical".

Even if GG attains its ideals... to me, the world won't be that much better, and it might actually be worse.  I see a lot of targeting of small indie devs and not much done about the big monsters like EA.  There are plenty of ways to get accurate info on your entertainment media outside of Kotaku and Gawker that will be free of any potential "Nepotism" or "Cronieism".   Try Lets Players or Facebook or ... God, just stick with a trusted dev.   For years I played exclusively Squaresoft because they made good games, and when the tide shifted I jumped ship.

But what I see happening is this:   Feminist criticism is being shouted out, female devs are being harrassed, and women and minorities are getting scared.   Despite "Not Your Shield" saying otherwise, this is what I see happening.  Just reading the Felicia Day article that got Doxxed makes that much obvious.

At this point, I can't care and I'm trying not to care.   I don't have time.   It's addictive to read about and easy to get caught up in the vitriole but this is me signing off on the whole thing.  I hope it blows over soon.   I hope the damage done to women in Gaming is nominal.   And maybe when gamers who are concerned about journalistic ethics are ready to go after big names like Bungee, Microsoft, EA, I'll buy it.   Destiny was super hyped and, from what I hear, didn't really deliver.   Personally I'd like more Indie devs to get more exposure and success... and I don't care so much if they had to pull some strings to make it happen.   Not that all or even most do.

But what's happening with GG, right now, as it stands, is just damage.
And I'm done with it.

HG, signing out.


Noa Page
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United States
Here are some factoids. Enjoy!
1.) I'm a girl. I'm also transgender.
2.) If you want to better understand that and how to treat me, check out this article….
3.) I do a lot of bondage art. I'm also a feminist. Consent is at the core of healthy sex play and there are healthy ways to be both interested in power exchange and a supporter of gender equality.
4.) I'm spiritual, but not religious..
5.) If you have any questions, feel free to note me. Just be considerate.



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Everything I've seen here of late has been excellent. Your drawings, your journals, your polls--all top notch.

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Behave yourself, machine!
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I just discovered your gallery and I've been seeing more of your drawings, I just speechless, you're an amazing artist! I could not comment on all your work, it would be impossible for me to find words to describe how great you are!

good job and keep it up!
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I love the inventive stories! Are u continuing them?
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You think so?   I went through the trouble of getting it legally changed and now I'm wondering if I shouldn't have gone with Noel instead ^^;
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Hello. Are you taking commissions right now?
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