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Hey Guys!

First off,
Commission - Damsel Minigame Recruits! by HeartGear
made front page!   How cool is that?   Thanks to everyone for the well wishes ^^

But, of course, with popularity comes QUESTIONS!   Is this sexist?  How can I make BDSM art AND be Feminist?  This spurred a really great note conversation I had with a fellow deviant-arter.   With her permission, I'm reposting part of the convo below.  

Q: I would consider myself a feminist as well. I do have a question, though. I understand that what happens between consenting adults is up to them and there is no shame in sexual exploration or what some would consider a "kinky" sexual lifestyle, but some of your art doesn't strike me as consensual. I see bound and sexualized characters who are not getting pleasure from their situation. Some even look desperate for freedom. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

A: Lets take sex and table it for a second. I want to talk a little about catharsis.

From a young, young age I found the damsel in distress archetype fascinating. Not from a pov of objectifying women, but rather, that it resonated with me. I looked at the archetype and saw myself in it.

Without going into detail, I grew up in a kind family, but everyone has there faults and sometimes circumstances make things difficult. I felt like I was trapped and unable to talk to the people I trusted the most.

I can't explain exactly why this is, but drawing damsels in distress are like drawing reflections of myself, and in a way help me to explore these wounds. The reality is, oftentimes I am bitter, resentful, and full of rage about the circumstances of my life. Drawing a girl who was happy with being trapped would not be an honest reflection of how I feel about the situation, and I'd be repulsed at it as an exploration of my self.

Now back to sex. Oftentimes shame and guilt, or taboo, ends up fetishizing aspects of life. For myself, it's not surprising to me that power play, especially non-consensual power play, is a big turn on. I'm not ashamed to say I have rape fantasies, but I must emphasize: a fantasy is not reality. I do not want to be raped in real life. There's a difference.

As for whether or not depicting this kind of imagery for others who could misconstrue what I'm talking about as some sort of, pro-rape message... well, it's something I've thought about a lot. I've had long conversations with my lady friends about it, and they think that it's actually important that I continue. As a girl, it's important that I be a part of the production of sexual paraphinalia. Better than having all men making all the sexual art, with no input from the (often) object of the art.

In all my art I consider the damsel as an extension of myself, and I treat her with care. She's not an empty vessel for male gratification. She has desires, and wants, and thoughts all her own. At least, that's what I try to convey. It's why I emphasize stories in my art, the narrative is important.

I hope that helps. If you want to talk about this more, or have any questions, I'm happy to discuss further. It's a subject I take seriously.


I really do hope that helps.   If you have a thought on the issue, please comment below!  Would love to expand the conversation.  Just please be respectful ^_^



Noah Page
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United States
Here are some factoids. Enjoy!
1.) I'm a girl. I'm also transgender.
2.) If you want to better understand that and how to treat me, check out this article….
3.) I do a lot of bondage art. I'm also a feminist. Consent is at the core of healthy sex play and there are healthy ways to be both interested in power exchange and a supporter of gender equality.
4.) I'm spiritual, but not religious..
5.) If you have any questions, feel free to note me. Just be considerate.



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love your art style ^^ hope to see more
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(Coughs) Should probably have added more context:

Went out as myself - truly - for the first time ever, in public... and as a saleswoman at that! And people didn't treat me oddly or negatively! 
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I really like you Material girl comics. :x 
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Any chance you do GiD? O.o
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Well, not sexually anyway.   I think it's adorbz when a hulk of a man shows a softer side.
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