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HeartGear FAQ!



Streaming Schedule

Q.) Are you open for Commissions?
A.) I DON'T currently accept commissions.

However, I DO have a Patreon tier [$50] that let's you buy an hour with me every month (among other things). We can spend that hour chatting, or sketching, or both.

Q.) Do you take requests?
A.) Nope! =P

Q.) Will you be continuing Systems of Entertainment?
A.) For legal and copyright reasons, I've decided not to pursue Systems of Entertainment (for now). I may come back to it someday, but I'll probably have to change it a lot before I feel comfortable starting it up again.

Q.) What programs/ tablet do you use?
A.) Photoshop cs4 and Wacom 21UX mostly. Sometimes Flash!

Q.) Can we be friends?
A.) There are so many awesome people here and I wish I could be friends with all of you! But the hard truth is probably not.

Not to get into the Monkeysphere, but there are only so many people any of us can have meaningful relationships with. It's not impossible that we'd become friends, but my life is already so full of family, friends, and obligations that it's not super likely.

Q.) Are you gay/straight/bi?
A.) Usually I just say that I'm bi, but I identify as pansexual! I like tomboyish girls, transmen, and cisgendered bros =D

Q.) Are you a dom/sub/switch?
A.) sub!

Q.) Are you REALLY feminist? DX
A.) Yep =) I firmly believe it's making the world a better place. I know not everyone feels that way, and I'm willing to lend an ear/talk it out. I only ask that people be respectful. ^^

Q.) How can you be feminist AND into bdsm/damsel fantasies?
A.) I posted a journal entry about this here

But in general, a sexual fantasy =/= political stance and vice versa. I can want to be totally dominated in the bedroom and also think women should have equal rights in the workplace.

I also think it's important for women to be involved in the production of sexually charged work exactly because we are more likely to give the damsel a personality, agency, and desires.

If you have any other questions, feel free to note me ^^

Just out of curiosity, what do you consider yourself...? 

741 deviants said A switch
526 deviants said A sub
479 deviants said A dom
Request Stream THIS FRIDAY
Friday 2/24
From Noon-7p EST
++  We spend the day drawing damsels that my patrons have requested.   But don't you worry!   Even if you didn't vote on the damsels, there will be plenty of choices to make over the course of the stream.   Stop in, we'll be streaming all day.

HeartGear Meet and Greet Stream
Monday 2/27
5-6p EST
++  Come hang out with me for a hot minute where we'll spend some time chatting, asking questions, and just getting to know one another a bit better.   Stream goes for an hour in the evening.

Knight Stream
Friday 3/3
From Noon-7p EST
++ We spend the day drawing the remaining Knights and spend some time just joshin around.

All this and more can be found on my Twitch Channel here:

And you can get more involved in the Request Stream by becoming a Patron here:

See ya'll real soon!


HeartGear's Profile Picture
Rinoa Page
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Heya cuties! Here's my bio ^_~

I'm a taurus with blood type AB+
My favorite candy is GUMMY SHARKS
I'm the mumma of three ADORABLE kittens
I'm married to an indomitable seamstress
I am ALL ABOUT SHOES, like omg
I am slightly obsessed with kidnapping and sub fantasies
I'm also stoked about feminism
I'm a huge Nintendo fangirl

Oh, and I make art for a living ^^
Any questions feel free to note me! Just please be considerate ♥



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Wariomania Featured By Owner Edited 4 days ago
I'm sorry if this question sounds rather controversial, have you ever met a legitimate misandric woman? As in a woman who not just hates male criminals/sexists/racists who would warrant that hatred but the male gender as a whole?
HeartGear Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
I have, one time in my life, run into someone who might fit that description.

Before I went full-time working on art, I used to work a lot of odd jobs.   One of those jobs was at a t-shirt factory for grandmas where we shipped cat sweaters to outlet stores.   I spent my days there folding clothes and packing boxes.

During my stint I ran into a girl who was convinced, 100%, that women and men were not only equal but that women are better than men.

At first I thought she was joking, but she kept insisting it was true.   To this day I can't tell if she was just trolling me or what.  But it's possible she really believed it.  I don't know that she really fills your description though, because she didn't really hate men.  She just thought women were better.... maybe.   She was kind of a shit starter of a person so it's hard to know.

Anyway, I know it's pretty popular to say that all feminists are men haters, but my overwhelming experience is the opposite.   Most of my feminist friends have men and brothers and husbands in their lives they love and are deeply devoted to.   They are just striving for things like equal pay, tools for escaping domestic abuse, education for all, and sexual education and safety.

The internet might convince you otherwise, but the internet encourages mob mentality and highlights the outliers.   Please keep this in mind as you consider these things.
Wariomania Featured By Owner Edited 3 days ago
If you type in "misandry" in the deviantart search bar, quite a few of the results will be images or journals mocking those who think misandry is an actual issue, including drawings and memes (such as "I hold a door open and she doesn't even give me a BJ") with sterotypes of men being nothing but perverted, selfish, assholes. Now I am not going to lie and say that the male gender is 100% guilt free, but those who damn all of the male population due to the misdeeds of some bad seeds are no better than the sexist dudebros who enjoy using the phrase "lol girls suck at everything". Personally, I think if the extremist MRA's and extremist Feminists (and to an extent the BLM extremists) stopped yelling at each through screens and actual hold physical debates on how to fix the social issues we face today then good lord would humankind take a step in the right direction. 
destinytechking Featured By Owner 6 days ago  New Deviant
Hiya I'm sorry haven't been watching your streams
generatortia Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2017
when will you post new SL pages?
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