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HeartGear FAQ!



Streaming Schedule

Q.) Are you open for Commissions?
A.) I DON'T currently accept commissions.

However, I DO have a Patreon tier [$50] that let's you buy an hour with me every month (among other things). We can spend that hour chatting, or sketching, or both.

Q.) Do you take requests?
A.) Nope! =P

Q.) Will you be continuing Systems of Entertainment?
A.) For legal and copyright reasons, I've decided not to pursue Systems of Entertainment (for now). I may come back to it someday, but I'll probably have to change it a lot before I feel comfortable starting it up again.

Q.) What programs/ tablet do you use?
A.) Photoshop cs4 and Wacom 21UX mostly. Sometimes Flash!

Q.) Can we be friends?
A.) There are so many awesome people here and I wish I could be friends with all of you! But the hard truth is probably not.

Not to get into the Monkeysphere, but there are only so many people any of us can have meaningful relationships with. It's not impossible that we'd become friends, but my life is already so full of family, friends, and obligations that it's not super likely.

Q.) Are you gay/straight/bi?
A.) Usually I just say that I'm bi, but I identify as pansexual! I like tomboyish girls, transmen, and cisgendered bros =D

Q.) Are you a dom/sub/switch?
A.) sub!

Q.) Are you REALLY feminist? DX
A.) Yep =) I firmly believe it's making the world a better place. I know not everyone feels that way, and I'm willing to lend an ear/talk it out. I only ask that people be respectful. ^^

Q.) How can you be feminist AND into bdsm/damsel fantasies?
A.) I posted a journal entry about this here

But in general, a sexual fantasy =/= political stance and vice versa. I can want to be totally dominated in the bedroom and also think women should have equal rights in the workplace.

I also think it's important for women to be involved in the production of sexually charged work exactly because we are more likely to give the damsel a personality, agency, and desires.

If you have any other questions, feel free to note me ^^

Just out of curiosity, what do you consider yourself...? 

772 deviants said A switch
556 deviants said A sub
521 deviants said A dom
*Patreon Streams (The ones in Bold) will be on Twitch

*Work Streams (The ones NOT in Bold) will be on Picarto

Wanna pitch in?   Consider a $5 pledge on Patreon:
Current $5-10 patrons cover more than half of my operation costs, and I couldn't do what I do without them!

THE SCHEDULE!! (All times in EST)


11-Noon Benefactress Stream (Michelle)

Noon-4p  (Game Development)
4:30-5:30p (Doc)

8-9p Concept Stream (OTL)

11p-1a (Gerudo Link)

Noon-4:30 (Game Development)
5-6p (Doc)

8-9p Benefactor (Dev H)
11p-1a (Gerudo Link)

11a-11:30a (Self Improvement Stream)
11:30a-4p (Game Development)
4-5p Benefactor Stream (Harker)
5-6p Concept Stream (OTL)
6-7p Benefactor Stream (Ty)

11p-1a (Gerudo Link)

11a-11:30a (Self Improvement Stream)
11:30-4:00p (Game Development)
4-5p Benefactor Stream (Harker)

8-9p Actress Stream (Binks)

11p-1a (Gerudo Link)

11a-6:30p Knight Stream


Bolded Events are Patron Streams
 (Though anyone is welcome to attend)
Non-Bolded Events are Work Streams

Benefactor Streams: Streams where I draw stuff for a Benefactor! 
Actor Dev Stream: Streams where I work on people's characters that will be appearing in "The Collector"
Patreon Dev Streams: When I work on stuff to improve my Patreon model and Business stuff
Collector Dev (Assets): A work stream where I work on drawing assets for "The Collector"
Collector Dev (Writing): A work stream where I work on writing or coding for "The Collector"
???????? Dev: A work stream where I work on a secret project
Request Stream: A special Event Stream where we draw requests that patrons have suggested and voted on
HeartGear AMA: A special event Stream where you can see me in person and ask questions about my work


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Y3K-Klo Featured By Owner May 12, 2017
Hey, hi Heart!

I just found your deviantart page, I love it and your style as well! Keep the awesome work.

On a different topic, I'm a Sr. Software Engineer getting into game development, I've got a game idea that I'm working on (literally working on, it's on a pre-alpha state) but I'm the worst artist out there.

Would you be interested on being the commisioned artist for it?

SchattenLotus Featured By Owner May 11, 2017
Thank You SO much for faving Megu-Nee, HeartGear =)
i wonder,
'will' You make a Zombie-Damsel Picture of her now, anytime sooner or later? :XD:

Since Zombies " must be contained " and so on =P :XD:
G-Wolfenden Featured By Owner May 3, 2017  Professional Artist
Stunning stunning work!
BnGJessie Featured By Owner May 2, 2017
Hey, Heart! Hope you're doing alright today. :)
Masao114 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2017
:airborne: :iconcake3dplz: Happy birthday, HeartGear! :iconcake3dplz: :airborne:
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