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The Knebeln Girl Ch1
Chapter 1:  Good Intentions

Rin busily worked away in her kitchen, the light of the setting sun playing across her cutting board.  She stretched to reach the pepper in the cabinet, and some of her red hair spilled over into her face. Taking it in one hand, she looped a hair tie around her wrist and went about putting it up into a loose bun; then took her plain black work apron and slipped it over her neck, tying it securely at the small of her back.

A little distance away, Erickson was intently working on his laptop.   He had settled into the living room armchair which took up a considerable amount of the space.   The apartment was cozy, or cramped, depending on how you looked at it. From the kitchen Rin caught sight of his blonde hair, bobbing above the head rest.  She paused after tying her apron in place and smiled in his direction. She was glad to have him here
:iconheartgear:HeartGear 143 24
SL 204 by HeartGear SL 204 :iconheartgear:HeartGear 147 12

Incredible Fanart! xoxo

HeartGear FAQ!



Streaming Schedule

Q.) Are you open for Commissions?
A.) I DON'T currently accept commissions.

However, I DO have a Patreon tier [$50] that let's you buy an hour with me every month (among other things). We can spend that hour chatting, or sketching, or both.

Q.) Do you take requests?
A.) Nope! =P

Q.) Will you be continuing Systems of Entertainment?
A.) For legal and copyright reasons, I've decided not to pursue Systems of Entertainment (for now). I may come back to it someday, but I'll probably have to change it a lot before I feel comfortable starting it up again.

Q.) What programs/ tablet do you use?
A.) Photoshop cs4 and Wacom 21UX mostly. Sometimes Flash!

Q.) Can we be friends?
A.) There are so many awesome people here and I wish I could be friends with all of you! But the hard truth is probably not.

Not to get into the Monkeysphere, but there are only so many people any of us can have meaningful relationships with. It's not impossible that we'd become friends, but my life is already so full of family, friends, and obligations that it's not super likely.

Q.) Are you gay/straight/bi?
A.) Usually I just say that I'm bi, but I identify as pansexual! I like tomboyish girls, transmen, and cisgendered bros =D

Q.) Are you a dom/sub/switch?
A.) sub!

Q.) Are you REALLY feminist? DX
A.) Yep =) I firmly believe it's making the world a better place. I know not everyone feels that way, and I'm willing to lend an ear/talk it out. I only ask that people be respectful. ^^

Q.) How can you be feminist AND into bdsm/damsel fantasies?
A.) I posted a journal entry about this here

But in general, a sexual fantasy =/= political stance and vice versa. I can want to be totally dominated in the bedroom and also think women should have equal rights in the workplace.

I also think it's important for women to be involved in the production of sexually charged work exactly because we are more likely to give the damsel a personality, agency, and desires.

If you have any other questions, feel free to note me ^^

Just out of curiosity, what do you consider yourself...? 

886 deviants said A switch
688 deviants said A sub
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Hi everyone!
It's been a minute, hasn't it?

I know that there's been a relative radio silence here on da, and I've been wanting to do something about it for a while now.   But I wasn't sure what.   The people supporting me over the past year were over on patreon, not deviantart... and the project I was working on didn't seem to fit the DA format.   So how could I get back to the way things used to be? 

I talked with a few really amazing people, and they helped me to work out how to take where I was, and where I am, and merge those things together.

So going forward I will post Collector progress updates here on DA just like I used to with the FMP section of SL every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, at 5p EST ... but with a wrinkle:  the updates will link to youtube videos that record "The Collector" as it comes together.   Since Visual Novels are more suited to video, not static images or gifs, that was my best solution (for now).  You can view the first three of these updates here.

SL 201
SL 202
SL 203

Also,  I have a backlog of Patreon exclusive art I've been meaning to release here on DA.   I will always keep a three month buffer of art exclusive to my patrons, but I will be posting work every Thursday at 5p EST until we get caught up to that 3 month buffer.   It's gonna take a minute, there's a lot of it  ^^   You can see the first update right here!

Mature Content

Patreon Sponsored Art - Rivals in Love by HeartGear

Likewise, Fridays I'll have work to post from Benefactors that we need to be caught up on.   Benefactors were basically a commission tier on my patreon that I'm currently phasing out, but I have a huge backlog of art to post from them.  I hope everyone enjoys what we've worked on and put together...!   You can see the first update here:

Mature Content

Benefactor Piece - A few years later... by HeartGear

So in short, my weekly schedule will look like this:

Mon 5p EST   -  SL Update
Tue 5p EST    -  SL Update
Wed 5p EST   -  SL Update
Thur 5p EST   -  Patron Art Update
Fri 5p  EST     -  Benefactor Art Update

Thanks to everyone who has supported me, and hello to everyone who I've missed for the past year or so!   Let's please continue to make wonderful things together!!

If you're a person who believes in me and wants to help me do more/ live comfortably, please consider supporting me over on patreon

Thanks everyone!!


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Any word on Gerudo Link finishing?
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it's kinda starting to feel like it's not going to get updates anymore sadly
Premium-Viruses Featured By Owner May 10, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So I know you don't take commissions, but the benefactor tier is sold out on your patreon. Is there any possibility of commissions being opened in the future?
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I cannot get enough of your DiD-themed work, it's so beautiful. I absolutely love it.
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love your art and while I respect your not doing commissions that doesn't make me not want to get one :P (don't worry I wont bug you beyond this post)
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