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Style Study - Eyes - 'Idol Pretender's Chinami by HeartGear Style Study - Eyes - 'Idol Pretender's Chinami by HeartGear
Today we're taking a look at the style of eyes that show up in Idol Pretender, a cutesy gender bender manga I've been reading.   

On the left are eyes I've drawn freehand based directly off of references from Idol Pretender.
I then thought about the general patterns that showed up, covered the ref images (and freehand drawings) and try my hand at a blind recreation, thinking about those patterns.

The general rule I'm seeing with that one set of eyes is a single line, or semicircle, notating the top lid of the eye.   No botto lid is delineated, although it is suggested sometimes by the bottom of the iris.   The iris is a fairly circular ellipse and is solid 2/3rds of the way down.   The bottom portion has a little toning, and then we get a few highlights with the eraser.   Little dashes make up eyelashes and a single line makes up the lid flap.   In the traditional manga the top lid is actually made up of several smaller skritchy lines, but because I like to have a softer style I use a semi-transparent brush that's a bit thicker and I disregard the skritchiness.


8/14   Looking at the shape of the eyes, I'm noticing some patterns.    Like the heavy use of ellipses as the base foundation for the "edges" of the eye (how to place the lid).   Or from the side, a heavy reliance on predictable continuous arcs.   I think using these rounded predictable shapes makes for a more comforting, appealing character type.

Since the patreon vote to see what I will be working on voted for "Self Development", you'll be seeing submissions like this one pop up and get updated on the daily.   If you want a say in what I do with my time, consider a $10 pledge to my patreon
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Oz-suka Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2017  Hobbyist
Ever since I stumble across your gallery, I always enjoyed your eye designs, they are beautiful and expressive. 
KindlyCruel Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2017  Student Writer
That's a pretty eye style!
uluv2btied Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2017
nice, thanks for the tip!! 
GoToHellDAMods Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2017
They say the eyes are windows to the soul. :D

If that's true, all your heroines have wonderful souls Heart hun. ^_^
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